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BRDY aka Paul Bird is an aspiring producer, established promoter & experienced DJ. He started DJing back in 1996. His musical tastes are diverse, playing jungle, hip hop, broken beat, drum & bass, house, techno and garage. BRDY has warmed up and played alongside many brilliant DJs including EZ Rollers, LTJ Bukem, Judge Jules, Luck & Neat, Genius Crew, Heartless Crew, Danny Gould, Lisa Loud, Rob Tissera, Jeremy Healy & more. BRDY has run many successful UK garage, funky house, R&B and jungle nights over the last two decades and more recently has set up Raving Frog Events with fellow DJ Cronelli. He has also teamed up with him and Chris Powell in the long established and successful Sun of a Beach brand.

Podcast Show

Cronelli (Coming Soon)

Cronelli’s nickname has stuck for years but these days Pete is known for playing quality Vocal House at some of the South East’s best music events. Cronelli’s love of dance music started in the nineteen eighties. Soul was the main dance music but this era saw the explosion of Disco and of Jazz Funk. Bands such as Sister Sledge, Chic and Incognito were all the rage. Clubbing was very much a way of life, with events on Thursday night to Sunday night. Cronelli infamously jacked in his A levels, to get a job and go clubbing – an urge to party that remains to this day. By the 90s, Cronelli was spending his weekends clubbing and hunting for new House music releases, in a love for the music that has been formative all his life This love and knowledge of music meant Cronelli was often asked to DJ at parties, although he was too much of a ‘party boy’ to take the DJ role seriously. By 2003, the club scene was over. Night clubs were closing and dance music seemed to be on the wane. It wasn’t long before the trend reversed. By 2010 new clubs started to open and clubbing was back on everyone’s agenda for Friday and Saturday nights. Also at this time, music went digital. DJing at a party no longer meant taking 50kg of vinyl records, it was possible to turn up with CDs or a small digital storage device and have hundreds of tracks to play. The new mixers also allowed so much more creativity for DJs. House music had re-invented itself! Cronelli invested in digital DJ equipment in 2017 but didn’t begin DJing professionally until 2018. His first gigs were at his winter home of Val d’Isere in France, playing the legendary Saloon club/bar. The summer of 2019 saw him on the Essex pub/club scene playing bars and venues in Billericay and Chelmsford. You can still catch Cronelli DJing with friends in a pub (such as his ‘local’, The Chequers, in Billericay) or on Friday lunchtimes, on Zero Radio. You will also see him playing to hundreds at Raving Frog and Sun Of A Beach events, also at Players Lounge for their Ibiza Legend and BHC series of events. Cronelli also has an annual slot at Plastik Ibiza closing party weekend and in 2023 will be taking up a winter residency at the legendary Doudougne club in Val d’Isere.

Live Show

Dj Dunk

Michael aka DJ Dunk I've been djing for the past 24 years working my way up from the bottom to almost hitting the top. I'm very open minded when it comes to music from back in the day right through to the present day. I do love my old skool club classics, UK garage, bassline, Drum & Bass, Mash-Ups, Remixes and anything basically that gets you moving with a beat.

Live Show

Adam Morton

I am one half of DnA Studios and have been DJing for 27 years. We have been signed to Defected Glitter Box, Spinnin' Records, KB Sounds and many more. I have had the pleasure to DJ for the likes of Kathy Brown and Angie Brown on numerous occasions. Music that i love to play ranges between soulful/funky house to uplifting vocal house. Although this will depend on my mood at the time lol

Guest List DJ

Chelsea Singh

He’s DJed all over the world, always headlining, with top billing at clubs including Ministry Of Sound in London, Ocean Beach in Ibiza, LostVibe in Essex and Liverpool, Black & White at Bali Beach club and even the Organica Gathering Full Moon parties in Peru. In 2022 he’s got immediate gigs lined up in Miami and New York alongside another return to Ministry, with more to be announced as the year hots up.

Podcast Show

Ronnie Multiprint

From Thamesmead SE28, I have always been into my music, Born in 1975, On my 16th birthday I got my first turn tables and was very much into the rave scene from the early 1990s. Mixing vinyl was my favourite past time. I never really played out live, but was passionate about all sorts of music and the scene back then. After moving homes from Thamesmead to Bexley in Kent and selling my turntables yonks back, I have now gone digital and rejuvenating my passion for mixing music in my old skool ways. Mixcloud is new to me, but I hope to upload and share my tastes and sets as and when I can. The Multiprint name is purely my company name, and has stuck with me as "Ronnie Multiprint", Thanks for taking the time to drop by my profile. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do : )

Podcast Show

Toby Nee

Toby started teaching himself to DJ early in 2022, messing around with mixers that are almost double his age before properly moving on from DJing in his bedroom. Having played various club venues, Toby is excited to start doing some streaming and sharing some of his favourite house and garage tunes to keep the vibes flowing.

Live Show

The House of Clique

To that Four-To-The-Floor beat! From the origins of Chicago House, to the sounds of Disco/Funk/Deep/Balearic/Tribal. House music brings the collective together at CLIQUE with Marc Bunn & Tiddsy.

Live Show

Bus Bee

Bus Bee fell in love with music at a very young age from discovering music on his father's record player and both his influential uncles electronic music collection on CD and cassette. His favourite genres to listen to are ambient, new age, hip-hop, techno, jungle, industrial, heavy metal, & drum & bass music. He now records his weekly electronic music mix sessions for others to listen too.

Live Show


lackleg -A Polish Bass dj and producer. His Adventure with music started when the first computer arrived home. Educated on sounds of J.M.Jarre, Vangelis, M.Bilinski'ego he loved electronic music. In 1997 he had the first contact with club music. In 1998 he heard drum'n'bass and he definitely loved that sound. He started to make his first productions on immortal FastTracker. In 2001 he joined "Made in Poland" -a contest of young Polish d'n'b producers, organized by legendary crew Sonic Trip. His track "Life Arena" was in first 10. Year later - the second edition of "Made In Poland" - his track "Monolith" was in the finals.Blackleg appears also in the official compilation "1st Selection of Made In Poland". Blackleg played in his city Czestochowa and many different cities in Poland: Krakow, Katowice, Tychy, Lodz, Zywiec.. in 2007 he started to make dubstep music.

Live Show


ScionStreams very own Queen of Indie, Carina fell in love with the heady guitars of the Indie scene in the 00s and hasn’t looked back. Tune in to the FTN show weekly for a dive into the old and the new, the heavy classic bangers through to the more chilled sounds of folk indie.

Podcast Show

Mojo P

n 2022 our friend, Pete had a gig lined up in Zug in Switzerland. He asked if I’d like to come and play a little 90s techno set! Despite the nerves I jumped at the chance. And absolutely loved it! And I was lucky enough to play an extra hour back to back with Pete as a bonus! Since then I’ve been unbelievably lucky and grateful to have played for “Raving Frog” and “ Raw Underground” and although I’ve been wracked with nerves each time, it’s worth it for the buzz. And now I feel very honoured to be playing on Scionstream every two weeks. I love spending the time curating playlists and listening to new music, and am pushing myself to experiment with different genres. I’ve been working on a couple of uplifting house mixes which although I’m very experienced at dancing to, I’ve spent very little time mixing. Let’s see how it goes!

Podcast Show


In my youth, I was much interested in philosophy and religions, especially Buddhism. Also trained in the beginning boxing, then muay thai. As I got older, my views turned towards science. I was struck by the fact that the more people mix, the more new quality genes to survive. And politics and religion only separates people. From childhood I was a music lover,When I started to get involved in electronic music, I accumulated a lot of interesting material with the folklore of different ethnic groups. It just adds flavour to the music. Decided to structure it. Thus was born an idea similar to the definition of the word Cosmopolitan. The Man of the World, who enjoys the cultural achievements of mankind.

Live Show


Uk born, London-based dance DJ, David, a.k.a. Thedarkfader92 got swept up by the drum and bass scene back during it’s early beginnings. Looking back to his younger years, with fond memories as a pre-teen, armed with just a Sony Walkman and a collection of acid house mix tapes in his backpack, it is fair to say not many discover their passions quite as early as Thedarkfader92. It wasn’t long into his teenage years before he’d had made a name for himself in the clubs in around Scunthorpe and Hull flipping through record after record picking out the hardcore gems that would further ignite his passion for music. This passion for music has seen him travel Europe, America and Asia, when he was signed with Sour Records performing in some of the most prestigious clubs mainly on the drum and bass scene, however he has a multitude of genres and styles ranging from techno, breaks, house, trance, drum & bass and hip-hop. Interacting with people like carl cox, ltj bukem , kenny Ken ,shy fx Uk apachi, Chelsea Singh and tenacious , jimmi polo are just some of the musicians that inspired Thedarkfader92 into the master that he is today. Today, he focuses mainly on organic deep house ,house , techno, drum and bass and old skool house, hip hop is still an Experience in festivals, studio radio, fm, dab, and streaming. With over 35 years of turntable and digital accolades, Thedarkfader92 is no stranger to the dance music scene. He can be regularly found on his weekly Melomanic streaming show on Scionstream, playing quality promos together with dance classics. He is dedicated to his craft and sets the bar high.

Live Show

Iain S

My love affair with vinyl began in the early 90s with the hardcore/ jungle scene, as time went on this diversified into many forms of dance music and the vinyl addiction with it. Lockdown in 2020 saw that passion reignited and the 1210's dusted off and an embrace of the digital age to boot, played on Blitzkids/ BKR DAB radio, various Freedom events & the Red Circle. The future is still very much to come.

Live Show

Em Sec

Music has always been a part of my life, during the 90's & 2000's I could be found up the front on most clubs across the South East. A regular at Freedom 2 Dance, MoonDance, Back to 89 to a name a few. Lockdown 2020 provide a turning point when I discovered being behind the decks was just as much as fun as being on the dance floor. EmSec brings together an eclectic array of music with each stream having a different theme - From various house, disco, 80's, club classics & Old Skool.

News & Blogs


It’s a new day, it’s a new chapter for all at Scionstream

It’s a new day, it’s a new chapter for all at Scionstream Scion meaning a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting. We proudly stream LEGALLY in 99 countries on 16 platforms knowing that we pay for Artists PRS. Today we launched S-Events which takes the platform away from being misunderstood as a radio and is clearly showing our intent to becoming one of the most original streaming platforms. This Saturday we are […]

today26th August 2023 2



We have always been on Twitch, but have not used it to it's best potential, recently we really have changed that. Our Twitch now only features LIVE dj shows only. This is due to how the platform works best. Big thanks to Adam Morton who has helped us to finally achieve affiliation and we expect to see many new things added to it shortly. As we update you can find more information on our website under TWITCH LIVE:

today21st June 2023 17


The support for this platform just keeps getting bigger and stronger

The support for this platform just keeps getting bigger and stronger, and the community itself has become global. Built by djs for djs to stream legally and ensuring PRS is covered for those that make the music. Our website now tells you who’s on each day and allows you to listen back . We’ve made it easier for you to discover more about all our shows, djs and artists with direct links to their socials. We are unique because we […]

today25th April 2023 7 1


Blog by Carina – How music transports you

On our 1st birthday show last Sunday, I played a cover of The Kinks track Sunny Afternoon by the Stereophonics. I love finding alternative/cover versions of tracks, most of the time the original is the best but most bands will bring their own style to a cover version. I like the track anyway and as a fan of the Stereophonics it felt fitting to play that on a Sunday lunchtime slot. Anyway, this blog isn’t about cover versions but it’s […]

today1st February 2023 4


Blog by EmSec  -Scionstream the journey so far

When The Darkfader92 and Mrs TDF sat on my sofa on the 29th January 2022, they came with an idea, a proposal to do something different. I think it went along the lines of do I dare to be. The proposal was completely different to what I have done before, a different way of playing music I love and building a community of like minded individuals. The logistics at this point was not clear but the vision was solid and set. […]

today24th January 2023 6

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