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When The Darkfader92 and Mrs TDF sat on my sofa on the 29th January 2022, they came with an idea, a proposal to do something different. I think it went along the lines of do I dare to be.
The proposal was completely different to what I have done before, a different way of playing music I love and building a community of like minded individuals. The logistics at this point was not clear but the vision was solid and set.
Scion meaning a young shoot or twig, especially one cut for grafting or rooting, was the central idea and key to everything.
What did I have to lose? I didn’t want to give up my love of playing music and I play whatever I feel, hence being unlabelled, no labels.  I didn’t want to be known as a House Dj or a Disco DJ. So streaming being true to myself, seemed right for me.  I was in, I wanted this, it felt right (and still does).  Decision made.
What was next. A logo was sent over only after a few short hours of our conversation.  This was a  sign this was happening along with a link to a potential platform. A new adventure had began. We had to start somewhere and playdj at the time seemed to fit the bill. It allowed to stream, be different and have visuals too.  We tested and it worked.
We started to build our community by putting our concept out there to those that listened to our mixes, friends, family and other DJ’s.
We started to build our community by getting more djs/streamers, set up socials, understanding the platform more. We were streaming individually and then learnt we could stream collectively under Scion.
By mid March we had learnt lots about streaming, visuals as well as social media (to be fair always learning on the point as trends change). By the end of March, we decided to be clearer about what we was about and changed to Scionstream,  this is what you know us as today.
We decided to land properly and did an ‘official launch’ on 2nd April.  Was a fantastic day.  Everyone took part, we had full day of music live. This was it in my eyes, we had made it.
But why stop there, so we continued to build our brand, improving our platform we used. We were very honoured to gain a sponsor in Ronnie Multiprint Driveways.  This helped us to develop Scionstream, our brand. In May with help from one of our DJs we changed our logo. We then launched our home, our website www.scionstream.com. We became fully licensed and was able to widen our reach as we moved away from playdj to use obs and stream on serval platforms. We got ourselves trademarked in august and launched our merchandise shop at the end of October.

We have achieved so much as we reach our 1st birthday and have much more to come. Our brand and what we do, our community is what makes us stand out and gives us the confidence to dare to be …..

The sound of the Future. Scionstream.


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