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I bought my first set of decks when I was a student living in Camden in 1994. A local friend was working at Zoom Records on the high street in Camden and I used to hang out there with him.

We were clubbing a lot back then – I’d caught the bug after my first trip to Ibiza that summer. We’d spend Sunday nights at Strutt at The Cross without fail, and would often go to the “Glitterati” nights there too. The Gardening Club in Covent Garden was another favourite along with Club UK, Turnmills and The End.

I had fallen in love with the music and so the urge to get some decks for myself grew.

My friend at Zoom came with me to Tottenham Court Road to help me buy my Technic 1210s and a tiny Made2Fade mixer. I spent my first year student loan on those bad boys and assured my dad that I’d soon be an international DJ and earning buckets of cash!

Obviously I didn’t. Although as my maiden name was Mills and the DJ Jo Mills was pretty big back then I could’ve tried to convince him!

The decks went with me everywhere and I’d spend any spare time in record shops and practising my mixing.

But then I had to get a proper job and there was less time to play. After having children the only time I would even think to get on the decks was at the weekend after a couple of drinks or when we had people over.

I hadn’t bought any vinyl for years and there wasn’t much available to buy. But the love of music and clubbing was still there though – confirmed by a trip back to Ibiza in 2015. We went back in 2017 and 2018 and I was hooked again.

My husband plotted with our good friend who is a DJ and promoter, and for Christmas 2020 Stu bought me a digital pioneer mixing deck.

I was sceptical at first – there’s something about vinyl which is hard to replace. But having any tune you can think of at your fingertips soon won me over!

In 2022 our friend, Pete had a gig lined up in Zug in Switzerland. He asked if I’d like to come and play a little 90s techno set! Despite the nerves I jumped at the chance. And absolutely loved it! And I was lucky enough to play an extra hour back to back with Pete as a bonus!

Since then I’ve been unbelievably lucky and grateful to have played for “Raving Frog” and “ Raw Underground” and although I’ve been wracked with nerves each time, it’s worth it for the buzz.

And now I feel very honoured to be playing on Scionstream every two weeks. I love spending the time curating playlists and listening to new music, and am pushing myself to experiment with different genres. I’ve been working on a couple of uplifting house mixes which although I’m very experienced at dancing to, I’ve spent very little time mixing. Let’s see how it goes!

Thank you Scionstream for having me 😃

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