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Friday 20:00 22:00

Techno, tech house and house

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Mojo P

n 2022 our friend, Pete had a gig lined up in Zug in Switzerland. He asked if I’d like to come and play a little 90s techno set! Despite the nerves I jumped at the chance. And absolutely loved it! And I was lucky enough to play an extra hour back to back with Pete as a bonus! Since then I’ve been unbelievably lucky and grateful to have played for “Raving Frog” and “ Raw Underground” and although I’ve been wracked with nerves each time, it’s worth it for the buzz. And now I feel very honoured to be playing on Scionstream every two weeks. I love spending the time curating playlists and listening to new music, and am pushing myself to experiment with different genres. I’ve been working on a couple of uplifting house mixes which although I’m very experienced at dancing to, I’ve spent very little time mixing. Let’s see how it goes!

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